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Sports Physiotherapy

for optimal performance

Sports physiotherapists are highly trained in the area of injuries that are associated with sport and exercise participation.

This can include recreational sports or leisure activities, as well as competitive and high level or elite sport. Sports injuries can affect people of all ages. Due to the high demands placed on the body during exercise, stress to soft tissues, bones and joints can occur. Sports Physiotherapists have completed post-graduate studies to allow them to specialise in Sports injuries, making them experts in the field.

Our sports physiotherapist Kay Lovus has vast experience in managing sports injuries at both the elite and recreational level, and in assisting in recovery to not only allow you to return to sport, but to optimise and enhance your performance.

Typical sports injuries include

Ankle sprains
Knee injuries such as ligament injuries
Rehabilitation following ACL injury
Fractures and dislocations
Muscle tears
Shoulder injuries
…and much more!

Sports Physiotherapists are also able to complete sports specific screenings, which allow the identification of any predispositions or injury risks involved in sports participation.

Screening means we can provide a comprehensive program to address any musculoskeletal issues that may predispose you to injury, therefore preventing injuries before they happen.

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