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Online Physiotherapy


Warburton Physiotherapy is able to provide Physiotherapy services via online consultations or Telehealth if you are unable to attend the clinic. Telehealth can be a beneficial service, and can assist with most injuries. The good news is you can access this service from not only the Yarra Valley, but anywhere in the world!

What is an online consultation?
An online consultation takes place via video link on your computer, laptop or phone, in the comfort of your own home. If possible, we do prefer you to be hands-free ie on a laptop or computer so we can assess your injury thoroughly. If video or computer is unavailable a conference can take place via a phone call.

Is my injury suitable for an online consultation?
Most musculoskeletal or sports injuries are suitable for telehealth. This includes injuries such as back or neck pain, sprained ankles, knee pain, shoulder pain to name a few. Generally we can assist with any injury you would typically present in-clinic for. However if you are unsure whether we can help simply give us a call or send an email and we will let you know. If at the time of consultation we don’t think we can help we will let you know and refund the cost of the consultation.

Do I need a referral for online physiotherapy?

No, you do not need a referral for online (or in-clinic) physiotherapy.

What to expect
During the call your physiotherapist will ask you a range of questions in regards to your injury. We may get you to perform certain movements or tests so we can assess your injury and provide a diagnosis. We may also ask you to perform particular exercises so we can check technique or progress your rehabilitation. Recommendations, education and advice will also be provided. In most cases exercises will also be provided along with further management plans.

I usually have hands-on treatment at the clinic. How can you help without being hands-on?
Many people assume that physiotherapy is only about ‘hands-on’ treatment. In reality, this is only a small portion of what physiotherapists can do to assist your injury. Education and advice about your injury, identifying contributing factors from your lifestyle or postures, as well as providing a progressive and tailored exercise program are some of things we can do to help.
However if we don’t think we can help you in this way, we will let you know and refund your money.

I’ve been given exercises but I’m not sure if I’m doing them right.
The advantage of video consults means we can see you in real time performing the exercises. This means we can correct you and ensure you are doing them right. The exercises programs we provide you with include videos of real people, completing the exercises along with instructions to ensure you get it right! We also offer email and phone support, so you can contact us anytime after the consultation to ask any questions.

We require payment at the time of consultation. This can be made via credit card over the phone. You will be emailed a receipt and if applicable you can submit this to your private health fund to obtain your rebate.


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